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Traditional VS Technology

A more effective method of drying than the conventional method is freeze-drying.

Do you Know

Fruits that have been freeze-dried are the best option for individuals who are too busy to create healthy snacks that are simple to pack. Regarding their practicality, there is no doubt.


The moisture from the fresh fruits is completely removed by flash freezing them, leaving them in their most natural state.

Long Lasting

Theoretically, freeze-dried substances can be kept for a very long time. The prepared fruits lose water via the freeze-drying process.

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Freeze Dried Fruit Manufacturer Canada

Our R&D team assists you in ingredients selection and product development.

a variety of active nutrients and foods are perfectly combined to create the highest quality natural functional foods for different groups of people

Freeze-Dried Fruit Package

One stop packaging service (Packaging selection, design and global labeling consulting etc.)

VFD has its own package machine, fullfill different clients unique requirement on food packaging.

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Multiple Automation packaging lines with The Safe Quality Food (SQF) Program in place.

Feel free to have a plant tour and check our machines and package line.

Provide worldwide logistics service for you.

We shipped globally, no matter what you looking for; we will find you a shipping solution. LCL, FOB, CIF.

From concept and design through, to production, co-packing, and logistics, it’s an advantage few retail packaging companies can offer. This helps reduce overall operational costs for the customers who get to enjoy better services at better prices.

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All of our services and production square measure under one roof, permitting the U.S.A and around the world. to own complete management over the whole scope of any furrowed project.

We provided professional freeze dried fruit/food services.

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