Superfood Ingredients SupplIER

Superfood Ingredients Supply

Natural ingredients meet Food Technology

Unique Products with varieties of selection.

Opportunity to make New Trendy Product or Upgrade existing product line.

New ways to upgrade traditional food products, successfully introduced into most food industries such as snacks, cereal, bakery, beverage and pet food business.

Why use our super food ingredients?

Cost Saving, Quality improving, Better tasting experience.

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Freeze Dried Probiotic Blueberry $40 lb

Freeze Dried Probiotic Blueberry $40/lb

Freeze Dried Blueberry Strawberry Yogurt Powder $21 lbv

Freeze Dried Blueberry Strawberry Yogurt Powder $21/lb

Freeze Dried DHA Blueberry $40/lb

Freeze Dried Strawberry Yogurt Powder $21/lb

Superfood Ingredients Supplier Canada

The term “superfood” is a fairly new term referring to foods that offer maximum nutritional benefits for minimal calories.

At VFD R&D department investigate food for more than 10 years. Upgrading food’s function. 

Our food technology allows us to provide you with varieties of unique products. We will help our clients to upgrade products, reduce cost, improve quality, explore new tasting experiences, and most importantly stay trendy.

For Example, Selected freeze-dried cranberries coated with Greek yogurt, added 1 billion probiotics per 100 grams, lower risk of urinary tract infection, pure natural, low-calorie, low-fat, gluten-free, longer shelf life.

Application of Dried Fruit

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