Blueberry Powder Manufacturers Canada - Custom Manufacturing Freeze Dried Fruit

Our Technology, Your Product

Your own ideas or raw materials assisted by our R&D and Food Processing expertise using our food technology and equipment to make the production come true.

Production and Quality Control

Varieties of food processing line with modern food technology to achieve your product scale up requirement. With global recognized quality control programs such as GMP, HACCP and SQF.


Multiple Automation packaging lines available.

Product Qualifications

Assist Clients with food qualifications and any local and global third party or customer direct Auditing.

VFD Custom Manufacturing

Vancouver Freeze Dry has over 10 years of proven success working with custom manufacturing in food, nutraceuticals and pet food industry ( Product type include Fruits, Vegetables, Proteins, Enzymes, Probiotics, ingredient extracts etc.)

Custom Manufacturing Freeze Dried Fruit

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