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VFD has been focusing on the creation of natural functional foods for many years, using targeted nutrition technology plus freeze-drying technology to maximize the naturalness and functionality of the products. VFD has made great progress in biological enzyme fermentation, probiotic activity, protein activity, and extracts. In particular, a variety of active nutrients and foods are perfectly combined to create the highest quality natural functional foods for different groups of people.

Compared with drying technologies such as sun-drying and drying, freeze-drying is carried out at low temperature, which can maintain the biological activity of heat-sensitive substances such as proteins and vaccines. Since freeze-drying is done under vacuum, biological agents are prevented from being oxidized and inactive during the drying process.

During freeze-drying, water exists in the form of ice crystals, and the organic salts in the solution are evenly distributed in the material. As the water gradually sublimates and leaves, the dissolved substances are precipitated on the spot, avoiding the migration of inorganic salts to the surface with water in other drying methods. resulting surface hardening. With the sublimation of water, the product gradually forms a loose and porous structure, which can achieve rapid and sufficient reconstitution.

VFD Research and Development

  • VFD laboratory provides users with customized overall solutions such as freeze-drying process optimization and freeze-drying OEM production

  • VFD laboratory is good at: the development of protein and enzyme health food; the development of health food from plant extracts; the microbial fermentation of botanical medicines, which greatly changes the properties of the medicine, improves the curative effect, and reduces the toxic and side effects; research on the formulation and pharmacological activity of fermented traditional Chinese medicine; Research on complex microbial fermentation

  • VFD laboratory can provide microbial health food development, various biological enzyme health products and pet food development, Chinese medicine and plant extract health food development, protein application and development, cytokine cosmetic freeze-dried formula development

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