Misunderstanding of Freeze Dried Fruit

Introduction of Freeze Dried Fruit

In the era when technology is becoming more and more mature in the food chain, freeze-dried fruit applications are broader than before; eg: in the baking industry, ice cream shops, and restaurants.

The freeze-drying technology used is to sublimate and dry the water in the fruit in a vacuum environment of -40°C. This process does not require complicated processing procedures. , it can well seal the flavor and nutrition of the fruit. Freeze-drying is carried out under low temperature, low pressure, and oxygen barrier conditions throughout the process, which is very friendly to nutrients.

To put it simply, freeze-dried fruit is to use extreme freezing to remove the water in the fruit while retaining the color, aroma, and taste of the fruit. In this way, the problems of transportation and storage resistance of fruits can be solved, and the deliciousness of fruits can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere.

Misunderstanding of Freeze Dried Fruit

Common Knowledge of Freeze-Dried Fruit

Consumers who don’t know the production principle may have some misunderstandings about freeze-dried fruits. Let’s briefly explain the following points:

  • Freeze-dried fruits do not need to be stored in the refrigerator. Freeze-dried fruit is only at low temperatures during the production process, and it is at room temperature after dehydration after production. The Freeze-drying, its full name: vacuum freeze-drying, is to first freeze the fruit at minus 38 degrees, then sublimate and dehydrate it in a vacuum freeze dryer, and freeze-dry the fruit in a harsh vacuum environment.

  • It also needs to be sealed and preserved during storage. Freeze-drying only reduces the moisture in the fruit, which is not conducive to the reproduction of microorganisms, but the freeze-dried fruit is still biologically active, such as the freeze-dried powder in the beauty industry.

    Freeze-dried fruit is the same, and the chemical properties also need to be protected. Fresh apple slices will oxidize and change color when placed in the air because the nature of the iron element has changed. Freeze-dried apple slices are the same as fresh apples, so they need protection. Moreover, freeze-dried fruits are easy to absorb moisture in the air when placed in the air, so please do not expose freeze-dried fruits to the air.

  • It is necessary for freeze-dried fruit to be packaged bulgingly.

    Some consumer are not understanding why the bag of freeze-dried fruit is half empty (especially on fruit snacks), but this is to prevent the fruit from colliding. Imagine if there are only potato chips in the bag, you will receive all scum. And the filling is not air, but nitrogen, which can play a certain anti-oxidation function.

VFD has been focusing on the creation of natural functional foods for many years, using targeted nutrition technology plus freeze-drying technology to maximize the naturalness and functionality of the products.

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