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How to use the upgrading of consumption demands to complete the counterattack of dried fruit will become an innovative direction in the snack war.

In the newly consumed tea feast, the fruit has become the protagonist again. This summer, a dazzling array of new fruit teas, citrus, olives, and other niche fruits have exploded in the circle, coupled with the eye-catching fruit shape, fruit tea has become a well-deserved favorite of young people. Many data have shown that 75% of the post-95 generation prefer fruit tea as their favorite tea drink.

In addition to taste and indulgence, a key factor for the popularity of fruit tea is the mature mind of consumers – health. However, the “Scientific Research Report on Dietary Guidelines” pointed out that residents have insufficient intake of whole grains, dark vegetables, fruits, milk, fish and shrimp, and soybeans.

There is a “good impression” in the minds of consumers, but the intake is not enough. We can’t help but wonder, what other categories can bring fruit intake? Can it meet the needs of consumers now? Will new opportunities arise? In addition to beverages, we can’t help but think of another category that also uses fruits and vegetables as the main raw materials: freeze-dried fruit preserves.

Under the main theme of healthy and nutritious food and beverage consumption, freeze-dried fruit preserves have reason to win the favor of consumers with the health and green attributes of raw materials. 

In nowadays, food daily will focus on candied fruit and discuss how to upgrade candied fruit with a long history of consumption in the new consumption wave of major consumer groups, scenarios, channels, and brand & marketing. In the new era, these Traditional categories tell new stories.

Market Growth

The good news is that as the demand for meal replacements promotes the growth of per capita casual snack consumption, health trends have triggered structural adjustments in the snack category.

Public data shows that candied fruit maintains a compound growth rate of more than 3% per year.

According to the market intelligence of Magic Mirror, from the data observation of Statics, the sales of dried fruit and candied fruit will be 8.40 billion in 2023, with a year-on-year growth rate of 6.8%.

Compared with nuts, pastries, and meat snacks, dried fruit preserves performed relatively poorly, but they still belonged to the vanguard of snacks.

Freeze-Dried Fruit Technology

In nowadays, microwave dryers, air energy heat pump dryers, and vacuum freeze dryers gradually appeared.

Among them, vacuum freeze-drying technology was first used in aerospace food.

Because of its good portability and storage ability, and avoiding the problems of composition change or nutrient loss caused by high-temperature drying technology, it has been widely used in food, medicine, cosmetics, and health care. and many other industries.

Freeze-dried fruits generally refer to fresh fruits that are simply processed and directly frozen (about -35°C), and then dried in a vacuum freeze-drying warehouse. 

This drying method can maximize the retention of the taste and color of the fruit itself, natural vitamins, dietary fiber, trace elements, and other nutrients. It is also the type of product that brands in the field of dried fruit preserves are currently focusing on developing.

It is worth noting that freeze-drying technology is also constantly upgrading, and the latest freeze-drying technology combines molecular osmosis technology to improve the sticky problem of freeze-dried food.

It is foreseeable that with the continuous expansion of the application scenarios of freeze-drying technology and the release of consumption potential brought about by market education, there will be more frequent technology changes in the future, bringing technology-driven innovations in taste, shape, and even category to the dried fruit and candied fruit industry.


Freeze-Dried Blueberry Bites with DHA Algal Oil

Freeze-Dried Fruit Fraternity

In its series of dried fruit snacks, Nature’s Garden has launched a new immune-enhancing product—Fruit balls immune booster, which combines dried fruit with nuts into balls, and adds probiotics to create functional healthy snacks.

Evive – its main product is smoothies.

Beverage Ingredient Supplier

The health concept of smoothies in the field of meal replacement, and mainly promotes fruit smoothies. The core selling point is healthy weight loss + good looks and brings consumers a new healthier and more nutritious diet with a sense of satiety and ritual.

Smoothie’s main material is fruit powder

VFD – Your Beverage Ingredient Suppliers

The VFD R&D Department is mainly engaged in the research of functional food and the development of natural health functional products.

Giving full play to the unique farming in North America Resources, first-class food safety, modern agricultural technology, and other comprehensive advantages, vigorously promote the development and application of new healthy food.

Health food belongs to the life and health industry, and it is one of the key industries supported by Canada.

Functional food is a category of food, which has the commonality of general food and can regulate the functions of the human body but does not for the purpose of treating diseases, it is a special food between food and medicine.

The VFD research and development facilities are fully constructed, and a large proportion of self-owned funds support combined with government and various institutions’ scientific research funds to make the research and development The development team can create new biotechnology and health food technology more quickly and continuously.

All researchers in the team From well-known biology and food nutrition disciplines of North American universities.