Application of Dried Fruit

With the accelerated pace of life, a series of freeze-dried foods have become the “new favorites” to consumers, such as freeze-dried fruits, freeze-dried vegetables, freeze-dried coffee, etc. 

Actually, freeze-dried fruit can be used in many industries.

Freeze-dried fruit uses in the baking shop:

Usually, freeze-dried fruits are ground into a powder when used in baking – it is a kind of food ingredient for bread and cakes. 

Freeze-dried fruit Powder used in beverages and drinks: 

We can also flavor your drinks with freeze-dried fruits. Add a fruity burst to your milkshakes or other drinks with any of the freeze-dried fruit flavors and colors. 

Many milk tea shops purchase freeze-dried strawberry powder from us.  

Freeze-Dried Blueberry,Strawberry Powder Mixed Yogurt Powder

Freeze-dried fruit used in Superfood: Your unique Superfood Ingredient Supplier

Superfood is a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being. 

Fruits contain various beneficial compounds that possess biological activities. They are used in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products.

Freeze-dried fruit used in Restaurant

If you running a restaurant, salad is one of your appetizers. Adding freeze-dried strawberries/cranberries to the salad that make it more colorful and tasteful. 

Freeze-dried fruit used in Ice Cream

Freeze-dried fruit taste in order that they paintings flawlessly to make ice cream with an excellent berry taste. 

We are the best freeze-dried fruit ingredient supplier in Canada, if you are running a restaurant, ice cream shop, or bakery, and looking for freeze-dried fruit ingredients, try us.